Rental of equipment


Here you´ll find all the types of equipment you can rent from us, everything from ski touring gear to kayaks.

Ski touring equpiment

We only have equipment from Dynafit in our rental fleet, in our opinion the best gear out there. The skis we use is the Manaslu model in lengths between 158 and 191. Our boots is the Neo a great rental boot that have a universal fit and it´s really uncommon that our clients get blisters using these ones.


Complete package: 400;-/day
Skis, poles, skins: 300;-/day

Avalanche equipment

On all our guided trips in avalanche terrain it´s mandatory with avalanche equipment. In all our trips you can see on the list of what´s included in the trip. We have all equipment for rental if you´re in the region and have forgotten to bring your own avy gear. The packages contain avalanche equipment from Mammut. We also have avalanche backpacks for rental if that could be interesting.


Avalanche backpack: 350;-/day
Transciever, probe, shovel: 300;-/day
Avalanche backpack, transciever, probe, shovel: 450;-/day
Transciever: 200;-/day
Probe: 80;-/day
Shovel: 80;-/day


From our Activity centre´s in Ålesund & Stranda your able to rent kayaks during the whole summer. We have both single and double kayaks, and all of the rentals includes oar, spraydeck, pfd and a safety instruction.

Single Sea Kayak

Up to 3 hours 350 NOK
Up to 7 hours 500 NOK
Overnight (24 h) 900 NOK


Tandem Sea Kayak
Up to 3 hours 500 NOK
Up to 7 hours 700 NOK
Overnight (24 h) 1000 NOK

Mountain bikes 

We offer two different mountain bikes for rental, both hardtail and full suspension enduro bikes.


Fullday Rocky Mountain Altitude – 850,-
Halfday Scott Aspect (4 hours) – 400,-
Fullday Scott Aspect (8 hours) – 500,-

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