Guide Reidmar´s top 3 tips for your active visit in Ålesund

This is Reidmar, he´s the man out at our new activity centre in Ålesund. He guides all our kayak, biking & hiking trips this summer. If you haven´t been out there yet we think you should drop by and say hi – we just got ourself a couple of nice sofas to;)

Here´s Reidmar´s top 3 tips for a enjoyable and active visit in Ålesund.

1. Enjoy the Environment!

When enjoying the environment you can see so much more of the coast from a kayak. Find nice spots and travel smooth where no boats can go. Join one of our seakayak and hike trips to Sukkertoppen

2. Have Fun!

It’s nicer when you’re having fun. You can paddle with friends, we have stable tandem kayaks for two people and single kayaks.

3. Be Cool!

Think about having a blast but also think about taking it easy, be cool. Be aware of the weather, good equipment and it´s no shame to turn back.

Stay safe!

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