Climbing and glacier crossing

Alpine hikes in the Sunnmøre Alps, Stryn and Romsdalen

Would you like to climb the iconic peak Romsdalshorn or try climbing for the first time? Uteguiden offers climbing activities for all levels and organizes regular trips to the peak Bladet in Molladalen valley and Lodalskåpa at the peak of Jostedalsbreen, among others.

We offer guided trips and are happy to arrange a trip just for you or your group.

Alpine trips

Scrambling and glacier crossing

Lodalskåpa, also called “Vestlandsdronninga” (the queen of Western Norway), is the highest peak on the Jostedalsbreen glacier. This trip is a classic in the area and a “must-do” for every mountaineer! A spectacular and exciting trip that is long, occasionally steep and quite challenging for the climber. We will ascend the hill called “Brattebakken” on the map and pass three glaciers before starting the last climb to the top. Usually, we will use ropes to secure ourselves up and down the last stretch.

If you would like to join a more spectacular trip, the classical climb to the peak Store Brekketind in Sunnmøre is a good choice. This trip gives you nearly everything: beautiful nature and views, an airy feeling, glacier, and climbing. The pointed peaks Brekketindane are formed like a horseshoe around the glacier Brekketindsbreen, with Slogen, Patchellhytta, and Smørskredtindane as the nearest neighbours.

Climbing trips

Several rope lengths on natural anchors

Romsdalshorn is a real peak icon! Not without reason, this is one of the most famous climbing peaks of Romsdalen and a must if you are hunting for great mountain experiences in Norway. You can easily spot “Hornet” (the Horn) from Åndalsnes – shaped like an anvil and rising dramatically straight up in the air from the bottom of Romsdalen valley. We will mostly climb the northern wall, offering a classic and nice climb. The view straight down to the bottom of Romsdalen is impeccable! The ascent starts from Vengedalen and provides a perfect warm-up before the climb to the top. The march to Romsdalshorn is relatively short for a mountain classic, so in terms of time, the trip is a regular day trip. The northern wall at Romsdalshorn is one of the most popular routes in Romsdalen. Abseiling down the same route is also common, and we therefore usually start early in the morning.

You might also have seen the spectacular pictures from the mountain peak Bladet in Molladalen and want to experience it for yourself? If you like challenges and are not afraid of heights, this is a trip for you. It is relatively long and demanding and should be avoided if you do not like steep mountains. However, the trip through the valley itself is a beautiful experience and you are welcome to join the trip without climbing the last stretch to Bladet.

On the page Mountain trips, you will see other challenging trips to Slogen and Store Trolltind.

Climbing for groups

Rock climbing, abseiling and caving

Take the challenge and join in on a rock climbing, abseiling and caving trip! The climbing field is idyllically located just off the fjord edge of the UNESCO fjord Tafjorden.

Climbing and abseiling with different levels of difficulty for adults and children alike – perfect for groups who want to experience something together.
The area has a climbing field with a height of 7–25 metres, with various climbing routes and different degrees of difficulty. You will also find a small climbing wall, which is a perfect introduction for children and young people. Next to the climbing wall, there is also a rock wall, well suited for challenging abseiling with great views.

Adjacent to the climbing walls is an intriguing cave, waiting to be explored. With our harnesses and helmets keeping us safe and secure, we wind our way down into the cave. Flares will light the way and create a mysterious and thrilling atmosphere. The cave is approximately 80 meters long and 15 meters deep, ending at the same level as the highest tides.

Tailor-made climbing trips

Are you dreaming of a special hiking trip? Let us show you the way!

If you should not find the trip you are looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts in the area and are ready to help you organize the trip of your dreams. We can guide you in the areas Stryn, Sunnmøre and Romsdal and are happy to set up a trip for you and your group!

We work with the best accommodation suppliers in the area, from hotels and guesthouses to cabins and campsites. Together with exceptional guides, we can put together a package just for you, with everything from a night of camping in the wilderness to a weekend or day trips with accommodation in a five-star hotel.

Our goal is to offer the best guide service in the Fjord Norway region. To succeed, we offer the right guide to the right trip.

You are welcome to contact us with your request and more details – we look forward to helping you realize the trip of your dreams!

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