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What to Wear for Hiking in Cold Weather

Hiking in the winter gives you a precious opportunity to marvel at the most spectacular snow-covered sights. However, we all know that it comes with its own set of dangers. Presuming that you are already well aware of the precautions that you have to take and practical tips of the trade – namely now to […]

Seakayak and hike from Urke

This Tuesday we were out with a group out on a Sea kayak and hike in Hjørundfjorden. We started the trip in Urke, just beside Urke Kaihus. Here we had a great starting point just down by the shore with great views out over Norangsfjorden and Hjørundfjorden. After a short safe instruction we set of […]

We´re looking for more staff

Uteguiden AS is the leading outdoor adventure company in Sunnmøre, arranging trips with clients from all over the world all year around. We´re looking for a couple of positions to join our team of staff. Booking & Logistics Manager In this position you will be Uteguiden´s face out towards our clients. You will join the […]

Kayaking essentials: 5 quick tips to get you started!

Always wanted to go kayaking for the first time? Below you can find some essential tips every beginner should know before heading out and paddle the world! For starters we would like to say that kayaking is something everybody can do. Whether it is as a sport, means of transportation, or creative way to explore […]

Uteguiden wins the Norwegian Travel Award

Every year Innovation Norway issues the Travel Award to a person, company or network that has introduced an innovative tourism experience or further developed an existing tourism experience in an innovative way. The experience should have contributed to the tourism industry’s success and had a positive impact on Norway as a destination. This year the jury […]

We´re looking for more guides

Uteguiden AS is the leading outdoor adventure company in Sunnmøre, arranging trips with clients from all over the world all year around. We´re looking for guides who love working with people and give the clients the time of their life during the next summer. In 2018 Uteguiden was awarded with Visit Norways Norwegian Travel award, […]

Early season ski tour

The winter arrived early here in Stranda this winter with the first guided ski touring weekend already in the start of October and now in the end of the month we have good conditions again. The first turns of the season is always something special and to be able to do it with the conditions […]

Your safety on the trails

Unfortunately a lot of people forget their first aid kit when heading out to the trails. Safety should always be a main focus. But what do you need in your first aid kit? Well, let us start by establish that the ideal first aid kit is very individual and dependent entirely on what you will […]

What is e-bikes and what to know about them?

In our adventure center in Ålesund we got a big selection of bikes including e-bikes, but what do you need to know about e-bikes before heading out on the Norwegian roads and trails? Some people think that you do not have to step in the pedals when riding an e-bike. You do need to though. […]

The basics to bring for a day of hiking

There is a lot of things you can bring with you on a full day of hiking, but as a famous bear used to say: “Look for the bare necessities”. A good way to think about it, is if you are thinking “what do I need to bring” and not what could be nice to […]

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