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Uteguiden AS the leading guide company in the Sunnmøre Alps. We offer a wide range of experiences all year round – from skiing and climbing to kayaking and glacier trips. Our goal has always been and will always be to offer unique experiences between deep fjords and pointed peaks.

12Feb 2021

Uteguiden’s ski touring school episode 8-10

12. February 2021|

Episode 8. Using ski touring boots In this episode we will show you how to use ski touring boots and what´s the difference between a ski touring boot and a normal alpine boot.   Episode 9. Using avalanche [...]

5Feb 2021

Uteguiden’s ski touring school episode 5-7

5. February 2021|

Episode 5. Put your tech bindings in touring mode In the 5th episode Gordie will show you how to put your bindings in touring mode. All tech bindings have to be switched over to touring mode when skinning uphill, otherwise [...]

1Feb 2021

Uteguiden’s sko touring school episode 4

1. February 2021|

Episode 4. Getting out of the bindings Ok, you managed to get into the bindings but how is it possible to get out of them? In this part Gordie will also show you some important things about how to get [...]

1Feb 2021

Uteguiden´s ski touring school episode 3

1. February 2021|

Episode 3. Getting into the bindings To get in to the tech bindings in a proper way are really important, if not it´s easy to loose your skis which sucks. With some training it´s supereasy to get into the binding [...]

1Feb 2021

Uteguiden’s ski touring school episode 2

1. February 2021|

Episode 2. Taking of the skins when ski touring We reached the summit and it´s time to take of the skins, sounds pretty easy huh? Think again – there´s a several important things to think about when you´re about to [...]

29Jan 2021

Uteguiden’s ski touring school episode 1

29. January 2021|

Episode 1. Getting the skins on the skis. When starting the ski tour the first part will be to get the skins on your skis to be ready to start skinning. There are a lot of important things to think [...]

24Sep 2020

We´re looking for more guides

24. September 2020|

Uteguiden AS is the leading outdoor adventure company in Sunnmøre, arranging trips with clients from all over the world all year around. We´re looking for a couple of positions to join our team of staff. Ski guide The workplace is [...]

11Aug 2020

The 5 Best Sea Kayaking Destination In The World

11. August 2020|

Sea kayaking is great for tourists who want a happening and mesmerizing holiday. Paddling on oceans' and bays' open waters is an excellent way to encounter the world's beauty and wonders. The world is full of exotic sea kayaking destinations [...]

4Aug 2020

NOLS wfa course in Stranda

4. August 2020|

We are happy to announce that we will arrange a NOLS WFA course here in Stranda September 21-23.  DATES: September 21-23, 2020 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). PRICE: 3800,- Included in your course fee is a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Wilderness First [...]

28Jul 2020

What to pack for a day of hiking

28. July 2020|

Here our CEO Oscar gives you his best tips & tricks on what to pack for a day of hiking in the Sunnmøre Alps (or where ever you are hiking). 

8Jun 2020

Which shoes should i bring for a day of hiking?

8. June 2020|

Check out this video to get some good tips on which shoes you should use when coming over to us here in Norway for hiking. To get as much out of a day of hiking as possible it´s important to [...]

5May 2020

What to pack in your ski touring backpack?

5. May 2020|

Check out our brand new video that will take you through what to pack in your ski touring backpack. This will make you even better prepared for your next ski touring trip with us at Uteguiden. Ski you later!   [...]

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