Action trough the canyon

Canyoning is an activity where it`s all about moving down and though a canyon. We have an exciting and challenging course through the canyon, including via-ferrata, tight ropes, cliff jumping into the river, bouldering, a zip line and swimming!

The trip takes place directly downstream from the renowned Gudbrandsjuvet canyon, approximately 15 kilometers from downtown Valldal, towards Trollstigen. The course is located in an breathtaking canyon, where placid water runs between vertical granite walls. Within the canyon we have a course of obstacles, travelling down the canyon.


Be sure to book your amazing experience here

If you want to book a canyoning trip, it has to be booked on this website no later than the day before.

From mid-July we have daily tours.
The normal tour has an age limit of 13 years and family tour if for age 8 years and up.

The canyoning season usually starts in mid-July. Earlier in the season, there is too much water flow in the gorge for it to be safe to do activities there. But check out Rafting which is available from May.