Fjord kayaking from Hellesylt

The 5 Best Sea Kayaking Destination In The World

Sea kayaking is great for tourists who want a happening and mesmerizing holiday. Paddling on oceans’ and bays’ open waters is an excellent way to encounter the world’s beauty and wonders. The world is full of exotic sea kayaking destinations that will make your holiday a memorable one. 

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the best places where you can do sea kayaking to spur your next holiday ideas. 

1. Gulf Of California (Baja Peninsula, Mexico)

Gulf of California viz the Sea of Cortez is in mainland Mexico and Baja, California. Its name is in honor of Francisco de Ulloa. 

The Sea of Cortez is famous for being an excellent wildlife watching location. It’s renowned as the “world’s aquarium.” This term was tagged by the notable French explorer, Jacques Cousteau.

The Gulf of California has more than 900 different fish species. More than two dozens of aquatic mammals come here for procreation. The scene turns out to be authentic for wildlife lovers while they kayak over the blue waters of Baja Peninsula. Grey whales in Guerrero Negro bay, Mexico, are known for visiting the pacific coast of Baja. They come here to socialize and breed.

Apart from the vast marine life, you can see from your kayak; there are also some remote tropical islands to explore. If you desire adventure, there are volcanic cliffs to see.

Baja boasts some of the best warm-weather sea kayaking experiences present on the planet. Just grab your canoe, place it on your kayak roof rack and be on your way to the beautiful destination. While you’re there, make sure your food stays hidden overnight. Otherwise, you may invite predators.

Spend your days slowly paddling around this marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean. Savor the feel of kicking back on sandy beaches. One can also enjoy exceptional views of its red rock canyons and dramatic ridges.


2. Ciénaga de Zapata National Park (Cuba)

Finally, we have the Cienaga de Zapata National Park. It is the largest Caribbean island with thousands of miles of shorelines. You can kayak through dense mangrove shores. For a change, kayak between the vibrant pink flamingos. These birds pop against the dark green channels. 

Though Zapata national park is along the southern coast, there are other various areas suitable for paddling, on the south coast, as well as the northeast coast.

3. Kenai Fjords (Alaska, United States)

Best kayaking in the world
Another area of excellent aesthetic view that is best for exploring via a kayak is the Kenai Fjords, National Park. 

The first man to visit Southeast Alaska’s Glacier Bay was John Muir in 1879, and a lot has changed after his visit.

Some of the changes include the receding of 20 miles in Grand Pacific Glacier, which leads to the opening of countless fjords and bays for sea kayaking.

Another difference is that the area is now under protection as a 3.28-million-acre national park. It is only 60 miles north-west of Juneau.

It encompasses the largest ice field of Alaska, named Harding.The Kenai Fjords National Park is best known for its scenery. Kenai Fjords National Park has over 750 nautical miles of rough coastline. This makes sea kayaking an adventurous experience for paddlers. 

In Alaska, adventurous paddlers can explore a remote wilderness. Here icebergs meet the sea, and the iceberg’s remnants remain. Paddlers should keep themselves alert for seals, humpbacks, and sea otters.


4. Dalmatian Coast (Croatia)

Best kayaking in the world

The Dalmatian Coast offers the perfect blend of jaw-dropping shorelines, blue-green waters, and rich culture. Paddling through the coast of Dalmatia is a must-have experience if you travel to Croatia. It is an ideal way to encounter the many charms of the country. 

The Dalmatian Coast has over 1,000 islands sitting off Croatia’s ancient ruins, shorelines, and clear waters. All of these wait for you to explore them. 

While you are there, it won’t hurt to visit the Kornati archipelago islands. If you have more time at your hand, try visiting the neighboring Montenegro and Albania. Don’t think of this as a typical historic visit. These places have fantastic sea kayaking draws for the adventurers, as well.


5. Galapagos National Park (Ecuador)

Best kayaking in the world
The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands. The place falls west of continental Ecuador. This destination is perfect for people who want to kayak and enjoy wildlife simultaneously. 

It is one of the world’s premier locations for wildlife watching. The Galapagos Islands are famous for their abundant number of native species that were studied by Charles Darwin. 

As the Islands are obscure, many endemic animals and flora have evolved there. Some of the unique animals you may expect to see in this national park are: 

  • Marine iguana
  • Magnificent frigate bird
  • Galapagos batfish
  • Waved albatross
  • Galapagos sea lion
  • Galapagos fur seal 
  • Galapagos giant tortoise
  • Galapagos penguin, and many other outward species. 


If you are lucky enough, the Galapagos sea lions and giant tortoises will even let you see them closely. The series of highland differ from boulders to beautiful beaches, making your kayaking trip full of delight.



The world has many beautiful places that need more exploration from us. We can do that at least once in a lifetime. 

Consider a visit to the Baja peninsula, the Galapagos National Park, the Kenai Fjords, the Dalmatian coast, or the Cienaga de Zapata National Park for your next adventure holiday.

NOLS wfa course in Stranda

We are happy to announce that we will arrange a NOLS WFA course here in Stranda September 21-23. 

DATES: September 21-23, 2020 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

PRICE: 3800,-

Included in your course fee is a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Wilderness First Aid 30 page handout, First Aid Pocket Guide, a patient assessment bandana, NOLS Wilderness Medicine WFA certification and CPR certification.

Food and lodging is not included in your price. or Tel: +47 40 55 46 70

LOCATION: Uteguiden at Storgata 10, 6200 Stranda, Norway.

LANGUAGE: This three day Wilderness First Aid course is taught in English. One of the instructors speaks Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian and is more than happy to help out with translations if needed.

CLASS FORMAT: We start our Wilderness First Aid course course Monday September 21st at 08:00. We will have class until 18:00 with a few short breaks and an hour lunch. Same schedule – 08:00 to 18:00 goes for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. If you take this course to recertify your WAFA or WFR – be prepared to add a few hours on Tuesday evening for recert classes and discussions.
The format is classroom lectures integrated with practical scenarios. Scenarios, and practice sessions will take place both inside and outside. Please bring outdoor clothing appropriate for laying on the ground playing the role of both rescuer and patient. Fake blood and make-up will be used to emphasize the reality of a scenario.
This Wilderness First Aid course can be used as a WAFA or WFR-Recertification if you hold a valid (not expired or within your “re-entry” year) WAFA / WFR card from NOLS Wilderness Medicine. If you want to recertify you need to add a few hours on Saturday evening. Contact us if you have questions in regards recertifying.

COVID-19: Below is a link to our Student Agreement form – please read it before paying us the course fee. Another important document to read before signing up is the NOLS Wilderness Medicine COVID-19 Disclosure, Practices and Expectations for Students. In this form there is a link to a 3 minute long video of what you can expect from NOLS Wilderness Medicine in COVID-19 times. Please watch it and email us if you have any questions.
Student Agreement: a2a3eff9b36e/wilderness-medicine-agreement.pdf

COVID-19 Disclosure, Practices and Expectations for Students:


QUESTIONS ABOUT THE COURSE: Crossing Latitudes Email:

Webpage: Phone (USA): 1-406-585-5356.
Phone (Europe): +46-70-670 1153.

MEALS & LODGING: Food & Lodging is not included in the course price. Please communicate with Uteguiden for more recommendations in regards to lodging in and around Stranda. Tel: +47 40 55 46 70 Email:

TRAVEL DIRECTIONS: Google Maps:,+6200+Stranda,+Norway/@62.3083886,6.3849694 ,9z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x4616a25b3a14cb25:0x37551b90ed23a33f!2sStorgata+10,+6200+Stra nda,+Norway!3b1!8m2!3d62.3084241!4d6.9451903!3m4!1s0x4616a25b3a14cb25:0x37551b

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Fast paced and hands-on, this Wilderness First Aid course covers a wide range of wilderness medicine topics for people who travel and enjoy the outdoors. Whether spending time in the backcountry is your passion or your profession, you should never have to ask, «What do I do now?»
On this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for the unexpected. In just a few days, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations.
This course is ideal for trip leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals in remote locations. NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses are pre-approved by such organizations as the American Camping Association, the United States Forest Service, and other governmental agencies. In Europe NOLS Wilderness Medicine Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid courses are rapidly gaining recognition among the outdoor industry and summer camps. NOLS Wilderness Medicine have taught over 3500 participants Wilderness First Aid in Scandinavia and Europe since year 2000.

TESTS: There are no written or practical tests on this Wilderness First Aid course. You just have to be there, participate and do your best!
If you take this course as Recertification for a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) you must do both a written and a practical test. Please email us if you have questions about this. Check the following web page for information and resources on how to best prepare for your course:

On this web page there is a pdf curriculum update worth reading. There are practice tests and quizzes that you can do and correct yourself and there are also videos of patient assessment and focused spine assessment etc. Also plan on spending a few hours on Saturday evening for your recert.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring comfortable outdoor clothing. We also ask you to bring two Face Masks, Protected eye wear and outdoor gloves. More in the equipment list further down. We will be doing lectures inside and scenarios outside every day. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather. We will be outside no matter what the weather is. NOLS Wilderness Medicine will bring medical equipment and outdoor gear for setting up realistic scenarios. During the course we will also sell NOLS Wilderness Medicine first aid kits, T-shirts, books and first aid materials.

NOLS WILDERNESS MEDICINE MISSION: The Wilderness Medicine goal is to provide the highest quality education and information for the recognition, treatment, and prevention of wilderness emergencies. NOLS Wilderness Medicine is an internationally recognized program that trains participants to respond to emergencies in remote settings.
For over a decade, the NOLS Wilderness Medicine ( has been the most recognized and respected teacher of wilderness medicine, training over 300,000 students around the world. At NOLS Wilderness Medicine, students learn treatment principles and decision-making skills, not the memorization of long lists. Our courses are rigorous and intensive. They will challenge your decision-making skills and they will get you ready.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT: Expect dynamic instructors with lots of international Backcountry and Emergency experience. Expect to spend lots of time outside with realistic scenarios. There will be intense but rewarding days. We have fun on NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses while learning about very serious topics.
You can expect a curriculum that is evidence-based, not just copied out of a textbook. We teach wilderness medicine practices and protocols that are supported by a physician-based medical advisory panel and disseminated by our curriculum director. This means you’re getting the latest findings and protocols in the industry.

WHAT DO WE EXPECT OF YOU: We expect you to be on time each day. We expect you to come prepared each morning. We expect you to be respectful of other participants and our staff – both in the classroom and during our scenarios outside. We expect you to take good care of our equipment. We hope you will ask us if you don’t understand as our goal is that all participants will gain confidence to help others in need.
We ask that all participants’ cell phones and computers will be turned off during class time. No smoking during our class time (which includes scenario time).
We expect you to follow our guidelines in regards to COVID-19. Please read the documents, watch the 3 minute long video and email us if you have questions.
COVID-19 Disclosure, Practices and Expectations for Students:
Student Agreement: medicine-agreement.pdf

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Contact Uteguiden for details. or Tel: +47 40 55 46 70

Please download this agreement from 8705-42ad-bdde-a2a3eff9b36e/wilderness-medicine-agreement.pdf and read it very carefully as it affects your legal rights. Bring the two-page signed document to the first day of the course. If you can’t print – don’t worry – we have extra forms at the course. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must sign the document. Failure to provide a signed document will result in you not being able to participate in the course.


Any student bringing pets to class will be asked to leave class until the pet is safely situated in a kennel or other facility. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.
Wilderness First Aid Course Curriculum
Infection Control
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Introductions Wilderness vs. Urban Medicine Initial Assessment A B C D E
Focused Exam (Head-to-Toe assessment) Vital Signs (LOR, HH, RR, SCTM)
Focused Medical History (SAMPLE) Emergency and Evacuation Plans Documentation
Spinal Cord Injuries
Head Injuries
Wilderness Wound Management
Athletic Injuries
Heat Illness
Cold Injury
Altitude Illness
The Medical Patient
Wilderness First Aid Kits

Suggested Equipment List
2 Face Masks (cloth, Buff or professional masks are accepted)
Protective Eye wear (ordinary glasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, protective carpenter glasses – all accepted)
1 pair of outdoor gloves
Day pack with extra layers (sweater, socks, long johns)
Outdoor clothing that will keep you warm and dry in all conditions Rain jacket & pants
Hiking boots or waterproof boots

Check out the best tips for how to choose a gift for an outdoor enthusiast here:

Which shoes should i bring for a day of hiking?

Check out this video to get some good tips on which shoes you should use when coming over to us here in Norway for hiking. To get as much out of a day of hiking as possible it´s important to have the right stash on your feets. 

Get in touch with us if you have any further questions regarding which shoes to to choose. 

what to pack in your ski touring backpack

What to pack in your ski touring backpack?

Check out our brand new video that will take you through what to pack in your ski touring backpack. 

This will make you even better prepared for your next ski touring trip with us at Uteguiden. 

Ski you later!


Rental ski touring equipment

Ski rental in Ålesund & Stranda, Sunnmøre

From our activity centre´s in Ålesund and Stranda we offer ski rental for beginners to experts. We work with the best brands in the market to be able to offer you great experiences. You rent the equipment online on and can choose to pick it up in the store or get home-delivery. Our ski tourings skis will work just as good for a day in the slopes at Stranda ski resort as on a ski tour with one of our guides. 
We have approx 40 pairs of skis and boots in different sizes to be able to find something that suits you perfect, did you know that we even have ski touring skis for kids for rental? 

Ski touring gear for rental

We have been offering ski touring equipment from Dynafit from when we started the company and still think it´s the best in class. They have light and strong bindings and great skis. We´re offering a couple of different skis and boots from Dynafit at the moment that you can read more about down below. You´ll also find avalanche equipment, ski crampons, ice axes, avalanche backpacks, crampons and much more. 

Book your guide for a ski touring adventure together with us here —- > Ski touring in the Sunnmøre Alps

Other equipment for rental

We don´t only offer ski touring gear in our rental fleet, with us you can rent the following things; kayaks, SUP boards, avalanche equipment, drysuits, sleeping bags, bikes, camping gear, sleeping mats amongst much more. All equipment are available for online booking on 

Overview of our rental skis

Beast 98 

The Beast 98 ski was developed for descent-oriented ski tourers who seek downhill performance in the backcountry combined with an easy-handling ski for the climb. This model has a full ABS sidewall as well as an ash-poplar wood core for edge grip and stability and torsional rigidity. Its wood core is responsive and lends the model outstanding damping and rebound properties, despite its light weight. Weighing in at 1,530 grams (size 177), the Beast 98 is a touring ski even for middle-distance and long climbs. Athletic ski tourers can thus save their energy for the descent. 

Tour 96
The Tour 96 model guarantees delight for ski tourers on any terrain. With a waist of 96mm at the binding, this model plays to its strengths in powder and in general on the downhills off piste. Nevertheless, developers have paid attention to maintaining a low weight. At 1,500 grams (size 176), this model is suited for both long, athletic climbs, combining comfort on the ascent with downhill performance. Its design combines cap construction and sidewalls to achieve the optimum performance-to-weight ratio.

Tour 88 
The Tour 88 with a waist of 88mm is the most versatile model in the DYNAFIT collection and was developed for women who are classic ski touring enthusiasts. The model gives you maneuverability, stable ski performance and uncomplicated handling on any terrain. Weighing in at a light 1,290 grams (size 166), athletic women touring enthusiasts can save their energy for the downhill even on long, challenging tours. Its design combines cap construction and sidewalls to achieve the optimum performance-to-weight ratio.

Beast 108
The Beast 108 free touring ski is made just for powder specialists. Developers have focused on downhill performance: Full ABS sidewalls and the ash wood core ensure edge grip and stability plus torsional rigidity. Nevertheless, this ski at 1,750 grams (size 181) performs well as a touring ski for middle-distance and long climbs. To achieve this, developers put their focus on weight reduction while not decreasing ski performance — for example, with the use of premium materials and the reduction of top sheets.

Overview of our rental boots 

We have choosen two models from Dynafit for boots, the Neo and Hoji boot. 

Hoji PX & PX Women´s
Either-or is so yesterday. The HOJI PX knows no compromise. On the descent, it holds its own against alpine competitors thanks to its high rigidity and optimum power transfer on the ski. At the same time, the boot enables efficient climbing technique with superb comfort, flexibility, and maximum freedom of movement with a cuff rotation of 55 degrees. This enables a natural, energy-saving walking motion even on very steep terrain. The Speed Nose ensures additional efficiency, agility and maneuverability. 

Neo PU & PU Women´s

For ski touring enthusiasts who seek the performance of a polyurethane boot with an extremely minimal weight. This boot offers the same technical solutions as the NEO PX model; however, the upper and shell are made of polyurethane. The result is a progressive flex and an outstanding downhill performance at a weight that Pebax boots normally do not achieve. Compatible with all ski touring bindings on the market. Available with the Custom Ready (CR) thermo-moldable boot liner for immediate comfort, better insulation and a longer life cycle. 

Check out all our rental equipment on 

Skredkurs på Strandafjellet

We´re looking for more guides

Uteguiden AS is the leading outdoor adventure company in Sunnmøre, arranging trips with clients from all over the world all year around. We´re looking for a couple of positions to join our team of staff.

Ski guide
The workplace is our activity center in Stranda, Norway which will be the starting point for most of our trips. We mainly work with multi-day ski touring trips but also offpiste guiding, avalanche courses, ice climbing and snowshoeing.

Your tasks will be the following:

  • Guide & plan all our trips
  • Daily duties with maintenance & repair in Sunnmøres biggest guide company
  • Helping out at our activity centre in Stranda with equipment rental
  • Together with the rest of the team improve our trips and develop new ones.

Requirements (you don´t need to have all of them):

  • UIAGM-guide
  • Ski guide
  • Wilderness / outdoor or other similar guide education.
  • Up to date first aid course
  • Driving license class B
  • Speak fluent English (it´s an advantage if you speak other languages like Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish or French)

Workplace: Stranda
Start time:  Mid February to late April.

Application: Personal letter & CV to 

In general we´re looking for guides with a big smile who always want to put the clients in the first row and deliver activities beyond expectations. Experience with multi-day trips is more or less mandatory. For the right person we can offer work for summer season and possibilities to join our guide team where you´re able to grow together with us.

We will help you to sort out accommodation in Stranda during your work here.

Kayak and hike in Hjørundfjorden

Seakayak and hike from Urke

This Tuesday we were out with a group out on a Sea kayak and hike in Hjørundfjorden. We started the trip in Urke, just beside Urke Kaihus. Here we had a great starting point just down by the shore with great views out over Norangsfjorden and Hjørundfjorden.

After a short safe instruction we set of out thru the fjord aiming for Skår and today´s goal Skårsætra. The fjord was stellar and the sun out – just a perfect day on the fjord!

Seakayaking in Hjørundfjorden, Norway

Seakayaking in Hjørundfjorden outside Urke. Just a short distance from Ålesund.

Uteguiden wins the Norwegian Travel Award

Every year Innovation Norway issues the Travel Award to a person, company or network that has introduced an innovative tourism experience or further developed an existing tourism experience in an innovative way. The experience should have contributed to the tourism industry’s success and had a positive impact on Norway as a destination.

This year the jury chose to hand out the Reiselivprisen to Uteguiden, during Innovation Norway’s annual event “Kickoff reiseliv” in Oslo. The winner of this year’s prize is located in Ålesund and Stranda – providing daily and year-round activities to give its Norwegian and international guests unique experiences in the region.

– Uteguiden is a modern tourism company that offers experiences as more and more tourists want in Norway. In a sustainable way, they have created a stable full-year company, which creates jobs far beyond their own employees. Such tourism companies we want to have more of, says Minister of Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.

Positive ripples

The winner of the Travel Award will receive a diploma, attendance at next year’s Norwegian Travel Workshop in Ålesund and NOK 250,000. The other two finalists, this year, were Beitostølen Resort / Destinasjonskirurgene and Loen Skylift receive every 50,000 kroner and free participation at NTW.

The three tourism companies nominated for the final of the year have all created many positive ripples, both locally, nationally and internationally. Uteguidens results were what we were most impressed with this year – and it is a young company that helps to set the direction for the future tourism industry in Norway. They do not compromise on sustainability, they deliver activities guests to Norway want and they dare to think new when it comes to filling nature with content. We hope the Tourism Price will give them an extra boost to invest at least as much in the coming years, says Tourism Director Bente Bratland Holm in Innovation Norway.

Stand-up paddle in Ålesund

We´re looking for more guides

Uteguiden AS is the leading outdoor adventure company in Sunnmøre, arranging trips with clients from all over the world all year around. We´re looking for guides who love working with people and give the clients the time of their life during the next summer.

In 2018 Uteguiden was awarded with Visit Norways Norwegian Travel award, read more about it here.

The work is connected to our centers in Ålesund and Stranda/Hellesylt, Norway which will be the starting point for most of the trips.

The work is seasonal and will run from May/June to August/September 2019.

Your tasks will be the following:
  • Guide our daily kayak, hiking and biking trips
  • Daily duties with maintenence & repair in Sunnmøres biggest and fastest growing guide company
  • Together with the rest of the team improve our trips and develop new ones.
  • For the right person it´s possible to work with our multiday trips.
  • Course / certificate as a kayakguide
  • Up to date first aid course
  • Wilderness / outdoor or other similar guide education.
  • Driving license class B
  • Speak fluent English (it´s an advantage if you speak other languages like Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish or French)
  • In general we´re looking for guides with a big smile who always want to put the clients in the first row and deliver activities beyond expectations. Experience with multi-day trips is an advantage too. For the right person we can offer work over coming summers and possibilities to join our training program were you´re able to grow together with us.
  • Accommodation
    We will help you to sort out accommodation in Ålesund during your work here in the area.
    Work place: Ålesund and Hellesylt/Stranda, 
     Møre & Romsdal, Norway

 Send your CV and a personal letter with photo to 

Deadline for applications January 10th.


Early season ski tour

The winter arrived early here in Stranda this winter with the first guided ski touring weekend already in the start of October and now in the end of the month we have good conditions again.

The first turns of the season is always something special and to be able to do it with the conditions we had today was just all time high.

I spoke with my good friend Martin yesterday about a morning ski touring mission in our backyard. He also have small kids which makes our scheduling quite in line, and this morning or evening missions is just perfect. All of you with small kids out there know the deal 😉

I picked up Martin on the way up to Ringstadsetra, which is just a 10 min drive from home. From here we had to carry the skis for 5 minutes before we put on the skins and started walking.

The light on this time of the year is just magic with it´s golden glow and you feel blessed to have all this in your backyard.

The skiing itself where actually much better den expected with a good hard base and some soft cold snow on to of it. The hard base where just perfect to cover all the rocks!

Hope to see you soon here in our backyard!

If you have some questions just drop us a line!

All photos: Martin Kristoffersen

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