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What to know about the art nouveau and where to see it in Ålesund?

As some of you probably know already, and to you who does not, Ålesund is known as the Jugendstil city. “What does that mean?”, you might ask yourself.

Well, it all started after a tragic fire in Ålesund back in 1904. After the fire, almost the entire city was rebuilded in the style of jugendstil or art nouveau in english.

Art nouveau was a international moving in architectures, visual arts and crafts and it peaked in the end of the nineteenth century (around 1890-1910).

A lot of the inspiration to art nouveau comes from nature and the national romanticism.

On the buildings you will often see a lot of flowers, leaves, stems and if you look closely, you will see some viking symbols on the facades as well.

Besides that, art nouveau often incorporates natural forms, soft lines and spiers on the top of the buildings.

You can see the art nouveau buildings all around Ålesund but 2 minutes from our activity center, you will find the “art nouveau street” called Kongens gate. It is a shopping street and cars are therefore not allowed to drive there, so you will have the peace to check out all of the details on the buildings. You should definitely check out the facades of Skippergården and Bjørknes Skole.

Remember that we do 2,5 hour guided art nouveau kayak trips for only 599 NOK pr. person. The trips are very good for beginners and inexperienced paddlers.

Join us on our trips and come see some of the art nouveau from the waterside and hear some of the stories, you will not find in the tourists informations.   

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