Company outings

Uteguiden is an excellent choice for organizing your company outings, and the activities we offer are well suited for groups and team building. We would be glad to tailor-make an activity according to your preferences and requirements – contact us, and we will work something out!


We will help you find the perfect activity for your company outing. Taking varying interests, physical abilities, and age into consideration, we will set up a program where everybody can participate. If desired, the activities can also be individually adapted.

Do you fancy action-packed excitement from start to finish? Then we can recommend rafting or canyoning. If you prefer a calmer experience in nature, but still challenge the personal limits, climbing or SUP may be perfect for you. Kayaking and/or hiking in the mountains is the perfect choice if you would rather focus on tranquil experiences in beautiful nature.

All activities offered for company outings are organized to enhance unity, cooperation, and community among the participants.

Accommodation, dining and conference

In cooperation with our partners, we can tailor a full program including accommodation, dining, and conference facilities for you and your group. There are several options in all price ranges and we can accommodate both large and small groups. Get in touch well in advance and inquire about the possibilities, and we will give you a non-binding offer of an exciting program!

We have had groups staying at Juvet Landskapshotell in Valldal, Blåtind Boutique Hotel in Stordal, Stranda Hotell, Hotell Union Øye, Sagafjord Hotell, hotels in Ålesund town centre, cabins on Strandafjellet, lavvu camp in Valldal, and many more. All of them will guarantee you a great experience!


Here are some programs we have previously organized


The NorthEdge planned a company trip to the venerable Hotel Union Øye. As a break, they wanted to hike with mountain boots to the famous summit Slogen. Large amounts of snow, as well as varying physical conditions and desires among the 19 participants, made us divide the group into 3 different trips with varying difficulty levels – by agreement with NorthEdge.

One group reached the summit of the majestic Slogen on skis, another went on snowshoes to Maudekollen, and the third group used mountain boots on a mountain hike to Leknesnakken. In this way, everyone in the company was challenged at a suitable level.

In connection with this trip, Uteguiden was responsible for guiding, ski equipment, avalanche equipment, avalanche backpacks, snowshoes, and transport.

REMA 1000

We were contacted by Rema 1000 on Valderøya, who wanted to experience something new. The group was divided into two teams with seven persons on each team. No one knew what awaited them but the fact that they were going to the mountains and in addition fly a helicopter. Both groups were dropped off on the mountain in “destination unknown”, where they met up with their respective guides.

The first night, both teams spent the night out on the mountain in a Hilleberg tent. A map, compass, and GPS were handed out and they were to pursue a trail with different tasks while crossing the mountain. Team cooperation was a must for everyone to reach the final destination, a cabin on Strandafjellet.

On this trip, Uteguiden was responsible for helicopter transport, accommodation in tents, meals, snowshoes, poles, and hiking equipment on this trip.


Axess wanted to arrange a winter weekend at Stranda Ski Centre for their employees and families. The snow conditions at the time were not as they had hoped for, and therefore they needed an alternative activity.

The cold weather gave us excellent conditions for ice climbing on Strandafjellet. We lined up with ice climbing instructors and all the equipment needed to climb the frozen waterfalls. A great success!

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young’s mountain sports group contacted us, asking for an avalanche course in combination with a summit trip. Their only requirement was that the driving distance from Oslo should not be too long. We suggested a couple of alternatives and the group chose an experience in Hemsedal.

The company spent the night at Fossheim Hotel, where they met up on a Friday night for a joint dinner and indoor avalanche theory. Two great days followed, with buddy rescue, excavation, route selection, etc., combined with a summit trip.

Uteguiden provided skis and avalanche equipment for those who needed it, as well as accommodation, food, and instructions.