Cross-country skiing

Norway’s national sport

Welcome to a paradise for cross-country skiing! Join us and experience the best cross-country ski trails our region Sunnmøre can offer, close to nature and into the peaceful winter landscape.

Professional, skilled, and local guides from Uteguiden will take you to the best ski tracks and arrange a unique experience adapted to you and your requirements. We will do our utmost to satisfy you!

Cross-country skiing

Beautiful cross-country trails in the fjord landscape

Uteguiden basically arranges two tours, depending on how much time you have available. Our favourite trip is a day trip where we combine learning to ski with enjoying nature and a good lunch at a campfire along the cross-country trail. If you want a shorter trip, we can take you on a calm, two-hour skiing trip, while providing you with the basic skiing skills you will need if you are an inexperienced skier.

The cross-country trails in Sunnmøre are often shorter and more hilly than those found in the eastern parts of Norway. In return, they are located in spectacular nature, among alpine peaks and deep valleys. There are nice trails both in Valldal, Geiranger, Overøye, Strandafjellet, Vaksvikfjellet, and Ørskogfjellet. The number of people visiting these trails is relatively low, which will give you a real, authentic, and calm experience.

Cross-country skiing is the national sport in Norway. This activity suits most people but requires some training and balance. On a trip with Uteguiden, we will focus on teaching you the basics and giving you a positive cross-country experience. If you want specific cross-country training, we are happy to tailor a plan for you!

Equipment rental

At Uteguiden, you can rent everything you need for your next adventure! You can also choose if you want to pick up the equipment in Ålesund, Stranda, or Valldal.

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  • Avalanche equipment
  • Snowshoes
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