Early season ski tour

The winter arrived early here in Stranda this winter with the first guided ski touring weekend already in the start of October and now in the end of the month we have good conditions again.

The first turns of the season is always something special and to be able to do it with the conditions we had today was just all time high.

I spoke with my good friend Martin yesterday about a morning ski touring mission in our backyard. He also have small kids which makes our scheduling quite in line, and this morning or evening missions is just perfect. All of you with small kids out there know the deal 😉

I picked up Martin on the way up to Ringstadsetra, which is just a 10 min drive from home. From here we had to carry the skis for 5 minutes before we put on the skins and started walking.

The light on this time of the year is just magic with it´s golden glow and you feel blessed to have all this in your backyard.

The skiing itself where actually much better den expected with a good hard base and some soft cold snow on to of it. The hard base where just perfect to cover all the rocks!

Hope to see you soon here in our backyard!

If you have some questions just drop us a line!

All photos: Martin Kristoffersen

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