Looking for an exciting program to strengthen the relationships between colleagues and provide them with a positive experience together? Over the years, we have built up a unique skill set to create and run activities tailor made for corporate groups. We have worked with many different groups and will always strive to plan the activity that fits your needs. No matter how small or big your plans are, get in touch with us to plan your next adventure!

Below are some example of previous tailor made, group adventures.


North Edge had put their conference at the venerable Hotel Union Øye and wanted a trip to hike to the summit of Mt. Slogen. Heavy snowfall and varying level of fitness and experience amongst the 19 participants made us distributed the group in 3 different tours with varying difficulty levels. One group summited the summit of the majestic Slogen on skis, another went with snowshoes to Mt. Maudekollen and the third group put on hiking boots and went for the summit of Leknesnakken. That way, everyone got challenged at a level that suited them. Uteguiden accounted for guiding, ski equipment, avalanche equipment, avalanche backpacks, snowshoes and transports in connection with this trip.


We were contacted by Rema1000 Valderøya, who wanted to experience something new. The group was divided into two teams of seven people. None of the teams knew what was waiting other than they were going out on the mountain and a rumor of a helicopter ride. Both groups set out in the mountains to  ‘destination unknown’, where they met up with their mentor for the weekend. After spending their first night camping in the mountains, they received maps, compass and GPS for a geocaching event. Cooperation within the team was a must for everyone to get through to the final goal, a cottage at Strandafjellet.

We organised  helicopter transport, accommodation in tents, meals, snowshoes, poles and camping equipment for this trip.


Axess, a Molde based company, chose to arrange a winter weekend in Stranda ski resort for employees and family. As snow conditions at that time were not as good as they had hoped for, they needed an alternative activity. Cold weather at that time gave us really good conditions for ice climbing at Strandafjellet.  We lined them up with ice climbing instructors and all equipment they needed to climb the frozen waterfalls. A great success!

Ernst & Young – Mountaineers club

Ernst & Young’s mountaineering club contacted us regarding avalanche courses combined with 2 days of ski touring. The main requirement was that it shouldn’t too long of a drive from Oslo. After discussing different options, they chose Hemsedal as a destination. We stayed at Fossheim Hotel. After a great dinner on Friday night, an indoor theory session launched the weekend followed by two great days of companion rescue, snow profiles, trip planning and route finding.

Uteguiden arranged all the ski and avalanche equipment for those who needed it, accommodation, all food and training.

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