Nordic ski tours

Experience our favorite mountain areas

Norway has large untouched mountain areas offering real wilderness experiences. Nordic skiing will give you the opportunity to spend several days exploring massive mountain areas all to ourselves.

We have trips with fixed departures where we use cabins or tents along the way. Tailored trips is also something we offer. 

Reinheimen-, Rondane- and Jostedalsbreen – National Park are our favorites, but we know Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda also. 

Skiing in the backcountry

Untouched and wild

Nordic skiing the Norwegian way – a fantastic way to explore the nature. You are not dependent on ski tracks and you are completely free to choose where you want to go. This freedom requires experience to know where it is safe and wise to go. We have that experience, and we want to share it with you. Whether it is a trip where you go from cabin to cabin, or if you want to stretch the comfort limit even further while sleeping in tents, we will guide you safely.

Our trips require that you have skied before. We have adapted how many kilometers we ski on each individual trips, to give you the best experience. Our accommodation will be either in tents or inside cabins – depending on which trip you choose. Weather and snow conditions will, as always in the mountains, be a factor that must be taken into account. There may therefore be changes along the way.

All trips require basic equipment as skis, backpack, and personal clothing. We at Uteguiden have some equipment for rent, so get in touch and we will find a solution if there is something you are missing or something you are wondering about.

Below you will find our schedule tours, according to skill and what you want to experience. Joining one of our tours will get you out in the mountains and connect you to the nature.

Equipment rental

At Uteguiden, you can rent everything you need for your next adventure! You can also choose if you want to pick up the equipment in Ålesund, Stranda or Valldal.

  • Everything within hiking equipment
  • Avalanche equipment
  • Cross-country skis and shoes
  • Sea kayaks
  • Bicycles and more