We at Uteguiden invite you to our Raft Guide course. This is for beginners and those who want an exciting job as a raft guide!
The course is 5 days and gives you the basic skills to become a rafting guide.
The course follows the standards of the International Rafting Federation (IRF) and is part of their Guide Training & Education (GTE) program. This means that with this course, you can get a job all over the world as a rafting guide!
The main focus of the course is practical learning, but there will also be important parts of theory along the way. You will learn how the river behaves, various dangers and obstacles in the river, and rafting technique – how to maneuver the rafting raft safely down the river. Safety and first aid, communication on the river, teamwork and equipment are also important aspects.
After the course you receive an “IRF Trainee” certificate. This means that you can continue your training with a rafting provider to gain the necessary experience and competence to become an independent guide.
The instructor is Alejandro Cuellar – Advanced Rescue 3 Instructor and IRF Raftguide/Safety Craft Instructor.
We at Uteguiden will offer 2 of the participants on the course a place as a training guide.
You do not need any previous experience to participate in the course.
You must be 18 years old
Normal physical shape
Capable of swimming
Price NOK 7499
Student/youth price NOK 6,499