Schools and organizations

Are you going on a trip with your class, football team, or a club/organization? Uteguiden can set up a plan with customized activities for you, and in such a way that everyone has a pleasant and exciting experience.


Rafting and canyoning are highly popular activities for groups where everyone is 15 years or older. Climbing and guided sea kayak tours are suitable for groups up to the age of 10, and the activities can be adapted to the level of each individual participant.

We can offer experiences for groups of 6 persons or more, where all the activities are arranged in such a way that the group is gathered almost all the time.

Accommodation and food

The most inexpensive option is tenting at the campsite Valldal Camping. All basic facilities are accessible and you will have a private area at the campsite. Several large tents can comfortably house up to 40 guests, and there are picnic tables and a barbecue with a roof. Everything you need for an enjoyable evening together!

If you want a more comfortable option in high-standard cabins with shower, TV, refrigerator, freezer and what you need, we can recommend different alternatives both in Valldal, Stranda and Ålesund.