Kayak trips 2 and 4 days

Extended trips with accommodation in tents

The greatest paddling experiences are the ones where you paddle in the fjords for several days. On these trips, you will get close to dramatic surroundings in the Geirangerfjord, or you can combine the kayak trip with hiking to some of the majestic and well-known mountains surrounding Hjørundfjoren.

Accommodation in tents along the fjord is an experience in itself. After settling at the camp, we will prepare a good dinner as a tasty finish for the day’s activities.

Kayaking for multiple days with Uteguiden

Geirangerfjorden or Hjørundfjorden

2 days of kayaking in Geirangerfjorden
Would you like to join us for a 2-day kayak trip in a dramatic landscape and paddle into the UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord? This guided tour starts from Uteguiden’s activity centre in Hellesylt and ends in Geiranger. After the trip, you can choose whether you want to stay in Geiranger or rather return to Hellesylt on a fjord cruise. We will paddle from Hellesylt to Geiranger, stop along the fjord, eat lunch, and enjoy a delicious dinner in the evening around a cosy campfire. The camp is located by the fjord. If we are lucky, we will spot birds, fish jumping in the fjord, or some of the world’s largest cruise ships passing by. Experience sights like the Seven Sisters’ Waterfall, as well as the mountain farms Knivsflå and Skageflå.

4 days kayaking and hiking in Hjørundfjorden
On this trip, you will experience the best of Hjørundfjorden. Mountain hikes to pointed peaks and accommodation with beautiful views, as well as paddling in deep fjords and hiking the two majestic mountains Trandalshatten and Saksa. We will paddle the entire stretch from Ålesund to Øye in the Norangsfjord with overnight stays at Molaupen, Trandal, and Urke. This trip is for people in good physical condition with previous experience from sea kayaking.

Sea kayak rental

At Uteguiden, you can rent everything you need for your next paddling adventure! You can also choose if you want to pick up the equipment in Ålesund, Stranda, or Valldal.

  • Single sea kayaks
  • Double sea kayaks
  • Paddles, vests, and spraydecks
  • Tents
  • Other hiking equipment

A “Våttkort” (wet card, the Norwegian Paddle Association’s Norwegian version of the European Paddle Pass (EPP)) is required for renting a single kayak. If you are going to paddle alone, we will require a basic course. You do not need a course to rent a double kayak, but must have previous experience.

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