Lygnstøylvatnet lake in Norangsdalen

Would you like to try a different activity in Sunnmøre? Maybe you have seen the spectacular underwater photos from the lake Lygnstøylvatnet?
The lake was formed in 1908, when a landslide from the mountain Keipen dammed up the river running through the valley. Within a few days, both the road and the mountain pastures were under water.

This trip is arranged daily throughout the summer.


Put on the mask and snorkel

The trip starts at our premises in Stranda at 10 o’clock. If you want to show up directly by the lake, you can do that too – the attendance time will then be 10.45. The guide will tell you the exciting story and facts about Lygnstøylvatnet and the landslide which dammed up the lake.

After a safety instruction, the equipment is distributed (wetsuit, snorkel, mask, flippers, gloves, and wet shoes) and we will get ready for snorkeling in Lygnstøylvatnet. We will be in the water for about 1.5 hours before we go ashore and finish up with a fire, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.

The history about Lygnstøylsvatnet lake

Lygnstøylvatnet is located in Norangsdalen, a valley offering abundant natural and cultural experiences. The lake was formed in 1908, when a rockfall from the mountain Keipen dammed up the river running through the valley. Within a few days, both the road and mountain pastures were underwater. Today, you can still see the old road, the farm walls, and the gate in the clear water.

A bonus on this trip is the drive through the beautiful valley Norangsdalen, an experience in itself. Øye and Norangsdalen have been favourite tourist destinations for a long time. The tourist ships anchored at Øye already around the year 1900. The horse-drawn carriages transported many famous people on the old road through Norangsdalen to Hellesylt. Among others, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany was a frequent guest. In connection with the Norwegian royal couple’s silver wedding in August 1993, they made a “Silver Cruise” in the northwestern fjord landscape of Norway. Norangsdalen was one of the stops, and today bears the nickname “Dronningruta” (the Queen’s route). Over the years, seven European queens have visited and passed Norangsdalen.


Be sure to book your amazing experience here

Snorkeling must be booked on this website no later than the day prior to the activity.

This activity lasts for a total of four hours from your attendance at the meeting point until you have finished changing after the trip. Suitable for smaller groups of 2-6 persons. One guide per group.