Sea kayaking is great for tourists who want a happening and mesmerizing holiday. Paddling on oceans’ and bays’ open waters is an excellent way to encounter the world’s beauty and wonders. The world is full of exotic sea kayaking destinations that will make your holiday a memorable one. 

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the best places where you can do sea kayaking to spur your next holiday ideas. 

1. Gulf Of California (Baja Peninsula, Mexico)

Gulf of California viz the Sea of Cortez is in mainland Mexico and Baja, California. Its name is in honor of Francisco de Ulloa. 

The Sea of Cortez is famous for being an excellent wildlife watching location. It’s renowned as the “world’s aquarium.” This term was tagged by the notable French explorer, Jacques Cousteau.

The Gulf of California has more than 900 different fish species. More than two dozens of aquatic mammals come here for procreation. The scene turns out to be authentic for wildlife lovers while they kayak over the blue waters of Baja Peninsula. Grey whales in Guerrero Negro bay, Mexico, are known for visiting the pacific coast of Baja. They come here to socialize and breed.

Apart from the vast marine life, you can see from your kayak; there are also some remote tropical islands to explore. If you desire adventure, there are volcanic cliffs to see.

Baja boasts some of the best warm-weather sea kayaking experiences present on the planet. Just grab your canoe, place it on your kayak roof rack and be on your way to the beautiful destination. While you’re there, make sure your food stays hidden overnight. Otherwise, you may invite predators.

Spend your days slowly paddling around this marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean. Savor the feel of kicking back on sandy beaches. One can also enjoy exceptional views of its red rock canyons and dramatic ridges.


2. Ciénaga de Zapata National Park (Cuba)

Finally, we have the Cienaga de Zapata National Park. It is the largest Caribbean island with thousands of miles of shorelines. You can kayak through dense mangrove shores. For a change, kayak between the vibrant pink flamingos. These birds pop against the dark green channels. 

Though Zapata national park is along the southern coast, there are other various areas suitable for paddling, on the south coast, as well as the northeast coast.

3. Kenai Fjords (Alaska, United States)

Best kayaking in the world
Another area of excellent aesthetic view that is best for exploring via a kayak is the Kenai Fjords, National Park. 

The first man to visit Southeast Alaska’s Glacier Bay was John Muir in 1879, and a lot has changed after his visit.

Some of the changes include the receding of 20 miles in Grand Pacific Glacier, which leads to the opening of countless fjords and bays for sea kayaking.

Another difference is that the area is now under protection as a 3.28-million-acre national park. It is only 60 miles north-west of Juneau.

It encompasses the largest ice field of Alaska, named Harding.The Kenai Fjords National Park is best known for its scenery. Kenai Fjords National Park has over 750 nautical miles of rough coastline. This makes sea kayaking an adventurous experience for paddlers. 

In Alaska, adventurous paddlers can explore a remote wilderness. Here icebergs meet the sea, and the iceberg’s remnants remain. Paddlers should keep themselves alert for seals, humpbacks, and sea otters.


4. Dalmatian Coast (Croatia)

Best kayaking in the world

The Dalmatian Coast offers the perfect blend of jaw-dropping shorelines, blue-green waters, and rich culture. Paddling through the coast of Dalmatia is a must-have experience if you travel to Croatia. It is an ideal way to encounter the many charms of the country. 

The Dalmatian Coast has over 1,000 islands sitting off Croatia’s ancient ruins, shorelines, and clear waters. All of these wait for you to explore them. 

While you are there, it won’t hurt to visit the Kornati archipelago islands. If you have more time at your hand, try visiting the neighboring Montenegro and Albania. Don’t think of this as a typical historic visit. These places have fantastic sea kayaking draws for the adventurers, as well.


5. Galapagos National Park (Ecuador)

Best kayaking in the world
The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands. The place falls west of continental Ecuador. This destination is perfect for people who want to kayak and enjoy wildlife simultaneously. 

It is one of the world’s premier locations for wildlife watching. The Galapagos Islands are famous for their abundant number of native species that were studied by Charles Darwin. 

As the Islands are obscure, many endemic animals and flora have evolved there. Some of the unique animals you may expect to see in this national park are: 

  • Marine iguana
  • Magnificent frigate bird
  • Galapagos batfish
  • Waved albatross
  • Galapagos sea lion
  • Galapagos fur seal 
  • Galapagos giant tortoise
  • Galapagos penguin, and many other outward species. 


If you are lucky enough, the Galapagos sea lions and giant tortoises will even let you see them closely. The series of highland differ from boulders to beautiful beaches, making your kayaking trip full of delight.



The world has many beautiful places that need more exploration from us. We can do that at least once in a lifetime. 

Consider a visit to the Baja peninsula, the Galapagos National Park, the Kenai Fjords, the Dalmatian coast, or the Cienaga de Zapata National Park for your next adventure holiday.