Alpine biking trips in Stranda 

Are you an alpine biking fan who want to challenge yourself? This alpine trip is for you. We have all the equipment you need to surpass yourself and a guide will be with you to give you a lot of tips for that!

One day or a multi-day trip? It’s up to you. But we guarantee our guide will be there for you to allow you everything to push back your limits.

The area around Storfjorden has been well know for it´s technical and steep biking for many years.

This trip will combine lift accessed biking on Stranda ski resort with biking where we have to push and carry the bike uphill for ourself. When we’ll be in Stranda we’ll be able to combine alpine biking trips in this area with alpine biking trips in Stryn.

You don’t have any equipment or you can’t bring it in your trip ? We have bikes from Rocky Mountains.

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