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Fairy tail hikes around Geiranger


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Not finding the exact trip you’re looking for in our current selection? Despair not! We are specialised in custom hiking trips!

We work together with a lot of different hotels, guesthouses and lodges in the region. That, added to our expert team of guides, means we can easily put together a trip based on your needs and wants, whether it’s camping in the wilderness for a weekend or day hiking from a 5 star hotel.

Our goal is to provide the best guiding services in the fjordland region. To do so, we always strive to find the best guide for your adventure, whether it’s a half day hike, multi day trip or a glacier trip.

You’ll find a shorter presentation of the areas we guide in below.

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Fairy tail hikes around Geiranger

Custom hiking trips around Geiranger

Geiranger is a UNESCO´s world heritage site and something special for sure. We can arrange one to multi-day hikes in and around this region.

During peak season, the village of Geiranger can be quite crowded. A good way to get away from the crowds and discover lesser known gems is to book a trip together with one of our guides. Hiking from fjord to summit, visiting some of the remote mountain farms or bathing in lesser known waterfall are just a few of the possibilities Geirangerfjorden offers us.

Possible custom hiking trips:

Skageflå Mountain farm
Løsta & Westerås gard


What do our clients say?

“Havard was an excellent guide who ensured that our family experienced a glacier hike as well as seeing some of the wonderful waterfalls and views in the area.” Shelly TamalunasHiking Geiranger 2015

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Sunnmøre at it´s best.

Custom hiking trips around The Sunnmøre Alps

The Sunnmøre alps is the base for many ski touring adventures during the winter. The mountains here are lower then in Geiranger but also narrower and more craggy, giving us the option to combine hiking with climbing or scrambling for those looking for a more adventurous experience.

This is also the home of our 7 days hiking trip “Hjørundfjorden around”, where we hike our way around the fjord staying in different cozy hotels each night. For those looking into a hiking and climbing adventure, we offer Mollabladet, a classic and spectacular climb in the region.

Possible custom hiking trips:


Stranda in a nutshell.

Custom hiking trips around Stranda

Stranda is mostly known for it’s skiing, prized as Norway´s number one offpiste resort. What many don´t know, is that there also is really good hiking in the area. Calmer then Geiranger, Stranda is home to a lot of mellow trails, following the valleys and peaks overlooking Storfjorden. Stranda offers the perfect location for day trips while using Stranda Lodge as a base camp.

If your keen to climb Slogen, Stranda is actually preferable as a starting point with a nice an easy ascent in towards the foot of the mountain. There are a lot of spectacular valleys in this region. This allows to make one way trips with stunning scenery and enjoy a shuttle back home. Stranda is also home for Stranda Fjord Trail Race, Norway´s most beautiful trail running race.

Possible custom hiking trips:

Mollskreddalen – Hellesylt


The views from the top are one of a kind!

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