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Hjørundfjorden Haute Route

Join us for a 7 days ski adventure around the Sunnmøre alps number 1 fjord, Hjørundfjorden. With it’s wild peaks and high valleys, this tour could easily be compared to the Haute Route. We actually think it’s better. The mountains around Hjørundfjorden are as wild as the Alps, but instead of the crowds of the Alps, we offer you sea breeze, fjord views and untracked snow!

Hjørundfjorden is a 33 km long fjord, surrounded by sharp peaks and well known ski touring mountains over 1500m. For a week, we travel around the fjord – over peaks and down into valleys – always staying close to the fjord. We will ski both classic runs and lesser known summits, allowing for returning clients to discover more of the region. The exact route will vary based on weather and snow conditions. Some days, we might travel short distances by car or boat. If the conditions are good, we may even get to ski all the way down to the fjord, from sky to sea!

These mountains are our “home-mountains” at Uteguiden. That´s your guarantee for a unique and unforgettable trip that will leave you asking for more of the Sunmøre alps!  This trip is even more unique as it is the only round trip ski tour in Norway.


Unique lodging

Around Hjørundfjorden, there a number of unique accommodation options, from historic hotels to mountain huts.  We built this trip to enjoy food and lodging in some of these unique places. This way, you can focus on skiing during the day and get to spend the evenings in truly fantastic settings. This will also helps keep your backpack light so that you can enjoy even more great skiing every day!


Safety first

We are proud to be the first company in Norway to offer avalanche backpacks to all our customers. If you ever get caught in an avalanche, an avalanche backpack is the only thing that decreases your chances of burial. We don’t want to take bigger risks because of these backpacks but we do want to offer all the safety-nets available on the market for the best, and safest, skiing experience possible.


Ski rental

Are you keen on trying out light ski touring-gear? Rent from one of our locations for your trip. We have ski touring-packages from Dynafit, with both wide and narrow skis that suits the prevailing snow conditions. These sets are often really popular and we do recommend you to book this equipment ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Day by day


On the first day, you’ll travel from Hundeidvik, located at the north eastern tip of Hjørundfjorden, to the village of Trandal. Nested in the Trandalsdalen, this tiny road less village of only 6 inhabitants provides the best views for afternoon drinks at the local pub. The trip to Trandal will take you up Blåbretinden and we should get great skiing all the way down to Trandal. You’ll be spending the night at Christian Gaard, right beside the fjord. Christian Gaard hosts the Trandal Blues festival every summer.


From Trandal, you’ll travel via Lisjedalen to Urkedal. The day allows for several alternative summits to choose from based on the conditions and the mood of the group. Down in Urke, you’ll be spending the night in a beautiful house with a view of Norangsfjorden, an arm of Hjørundfjorden going towards Øye, and enjoying a home cook dinner prepared by none other than your guide.

Urke-Villa Norangdal via Slogen

Leaving Urke behind, you’ll make your way toward Mt Slogen and, conditions depending, even summit it! Slogen is one the best known and most prominent mountain in Sunnmøre. Few know about it as a ski touring destination, as it’s often regarded as too steep and remote. You’ll get a chance to explore one of the finest route to Slogen, via Langesæterdalen from Urke. From the base of  Slogen, you’ll more or less follow the summer route up. This section of the tour is steep and exposed so it’s not unusual to strap the skis on backpacks and finish the climb boot packing.

You’ll return down to Norangsdalen and get a ride up the valley to Villa Norangdal, a unique hotel where each room is designed after a different decade. Both famous climbers Patchell and Slingsby have worn the same stairs you’ll be going up and down. It’s hard to tell if the dinner back them was as delicious as it is now, but one thing is for sure, they didn’t have an outdoor hot tub then! It’s perfect medicine for the soul (and the body)  after three days and several thousand meters of skiing!


Villa Norangdal – Bjørke

One of the most popular ski trips in the area starts here on the steps of Villa Norangdal! Your guide will exploit that and ,if the weather is on your side, show you the stunning views of Hjørundfjorden from the summit of Blæja. From the far side of Blæja and Kårdalstindane, you’ll ski down to the fjord and make your way to Bjørke, the innermost village on Hjørundfjorden.


Bjørke – Sæbø

Your exact route on this day will vary based on weather and snow conditions. One of the options is the Sunnmøre-classic Skårasalen where you would go up on the west side and ski down the Lisje skårasalen to the roadless hamlet of Skår and it’s only 1 inhabitant. From there, you’ll take the ferry over to Sæbø and spend the night at Saga Fjord Hotel just beside Hjørundfjorden.

Sæbø – Sandal

This day offer two itinerary to chose from; Dalegubben and Sylvkallen.  Both provide beautiful skiing and breathtaking views towards Hjørundfjorden. Depending on the route chosen, you might need an ice axe and crampons. Once in Standal, you’ll mak your way to Standal Alpecenter to spend the night.

Standal – Ytre Standal –  finish!

You’ll finish your trip around Hjørundfjorden with a Sunmøre ski classic such as Kolåstinden or maybe with one of the peaks closer Molladalen. This area has particularly sharp peaks and the views are stunning! Once you get to lower elevation and potentially run out of snow, your guide will organize for a taxi to take you to the ferry port of Festøy and across to Hundeidvika, where your trip started a week before.


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Important info


Demanding – This is a serious ski touring trip, for experienced backcountry skiers.

Remember that you need a insurance that covers backcountry skiing.


Equipment list
Included in the price


  • Guide
  • Avalanche equipment
  • Avalanche backpack
  • Food and accomodation during the trip
  • All transports during the trip


What do our clients say?

I would like to make you a big compliment on our Hjorundenfjorden-tour! Everything was perfectly organized! The logistics, the accommodations, the weather&snow conditions and last but not least guide Håvard!”  – Linda Wagenaar, Hjørundfjorden around 2015

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