Episode 5. Put your tech bindings in touring mode

In the 5th episode Gordie will show you how to put your bindings in touring mode. All tech bindings have to be switched over to touring mode when skinning uphill, otherwise they will realease when you are in steep terrain.


Episode 6. How to do kick turns (turning) on the uphill

This is the holy grale of ski touring, and with no doubt the thing most people are struggling with. We would highly recommend you to check out this video. This will save you lots of energy on the next ski tour.


Episode 7. The right ski touring technique

Here Gordie will show you the proper technique for skinning in the uphill and how to use heel risers. Some people like to use the highest healriser and just walk straight uphill – this is not anything we would recommend.


In these 10 episodes we will guide you through some good tips & tricks we often learn our guests. If you are planning on joining us for a guided ski tour you will get a lot of good info from these videos. In front of the camera you meet our ski guide Gordie Smith.