What kind of shoes do you need for hiking Sukkertoppen?

Sukkertoppen (which can be translated to Sugar-mountain) is 314 m.a.s.l. and is a well known mountain in Ålesund. A lot of the locals frequently hike and run up Sukkertoppen and for a good reason. From the top you will get a wonderful 360 degree view and you will be able to see the whole city, the ocean and the peninsula Sula, with its higher mountains. If you got super vision, you can see all the way to Canada.

The way to the top of Sukkertoppen takes about 60 minutes and about 45 minutes down, depending on your own condition and the weather. The trails goes through forests in the beginning and higher up the mountain it becomes more clear paths with rocks, which can be partly wet and slippery when raining.

Even though the trails sometimes can be slightly wet, we will not recommend hiking in shoes or boots with a waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex. Most membranes keeps out the water, but does not let the moisture get out of the shoes. Hiking in shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane makes more sense if you are hiking in places with lower temperatures and with lots of rain and wind. Learn more at https://www.palmbeachroofingexpert.com

Which shoes or boots you should wear, is really difficult to say, because all feet are different and we all got different needs. Some might need hiking boots because of the extra ankle support, some would be just fine in hiking shoes. No matter what kind of footwear you are choosing, the shoes or boots should have a good grip, so you will stay safe on the trails.
Also a pair of merino wool socks is always good to wear when you are hiking.

You can book a hiking trip to Sukkertoppen or combine the hike with either e-bike or kayak. Book your trip here: https://uteguiden.com/en/turer/hike-sukkertoppen-alesund/

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