The interest for ski touring have grown rapidly the last couple of years and we´re stoked to see so much people coming over to us in Norway. To get the best experiences it´s important to be well prepared and equiped. Here on the Norwegian westcoast the weather often changes rapidly and one second with blue skies can soon be a adventurous trip in whiteout.

Our owner & guide Oscar Almgren have put down a list of what he like to bring in his ski touring backpack for the winter.

    • Warm jacket – I prefer a primaloft jacket just because of the changing weather because primaloft stands water better then down.
    • Extra gloves – I always bring at least 1 extra pair of gloves, the temperature always shifts on a ski tour and it´s easy to loose a glove on the mountain which will give you big consequences.
    • Extra hat – a warm hat for the downhill is always good to have
    • Neck gaither – great to cover the neck, use just as a cool looking headwear – looking good is everything huh?
    • Googles – If you get a proper snowstorm out on the mountain this is the only thing that will save your eyes
    • Bivybag – Suddenly a lunchbreak in snowstorm got cozy – if you haven´t tried it, do it!
    • First aid kit – what to put in here is a bit up to yourself and your askings, where you´re going, if it´s a day trip etc.
    • Multitool – i always bring a multitool and some extra stuff to fix a broken skiboot and other stuff out on the mountain
    • Map & compass – but remember that you need to know how to use it to 😉
    • GPS – This is a perfect assistent if the bad weather hit you and you need to get back down.
    • Satelite phone – some people would say it´s a bit of a overkill but around here a lot of the locations are without cellphone reception.

Avalanche equipment
This is not where you´re supposed to save money, buy avalanche equipment with good quality. Also remember to take good care of your beacon, have you dropped it on the ground once it´s not unlikely that one of the antennas is broken.

  • Digital transceiver (Attached to your body, not in your backpack)
  • Shovel – One in metall and preferable with telescope shaft. The old plastic ones that occurs on our courses every now and then tend to brake if the snow is hard (which it will be in an avalanche).
  • Probe – Buy one that´s at least 240 cm long. If you choose one in carbon or aluminium is less important.
  • Avalanche backpack – this is a good investment but far from mandatory. One of our avalanche courses will prepare you better to stay alive in avalanche terrain then this backpack.

Talking about what to get in your backpack for ski touring, it is important that we know which backpack would best suit our needs.

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