Rafting in Valldal

Action for everyone

Join us rafting for a refreshing and action-packed outdoor experience in an incredible setting. Rafting in Valldal is perfect for most visitors, beginners, and experienced rafters alike.

The Valldøla river is perfect for rafting, with exciting rapids spread out along the entire length of the 11 km long river. We can promise you excitement! You will be swimming in rapids and last, but not least be served a small local delicacy.

Before the trip

Safety und fun

Meet up at our office in downtown Valldal, where you will meet the other participants and our welcoming guides who will provide you with the necessary information and equipment. We organize the transport for everyone to the starting point, where the tour leader will give a thorough safety briefing. The group will then split the group into different boats, each with their own separate guide, and practice some paddling techniques.

We will provide training in a safe environment before a refreshing start with fun rapids and rollers in the first section. When the river calms down, we will make the first stop of the rafting trip. Everyone will have the opportunity to try swimming through a controlled rapid in the river.

It is an exciting and informative experience to feel the forces of the river as you float down the waves. The trip continues on Valldøla river, through beautiful and spectacular nature with high mountains, river rapids, and the strawberry fields that make Valldal famous.

Halfway through the trip, we will take a break along the river bank. We light a fire, boil water, and everyone will be served homemade Norwegian “svele” (a small, thick pancake) with local Valldal strawberries and sour cream. After a small replenishment of energy, we embark on the last and most interesting part of the river. The speed increases and we raft through more and longer rapids. After approximately 11 km with beautiful nature, experiences, and excitement, we will finish the trip by exiting in the beautiful Norddalsfjorden in the centre of Valldal. There we will take the rafts ashore and return to the premises to change clothes.


Be sure to book your amazing experience here

If you want to book a rafting trip, it has to be booked on this website no later than the day before.

To arrange the trip, there must be at least 6 registered persons. You can book a rafting trip even if you are less than 6 persons, but it will not be confirmed until there are 6 or more participants registered. As soon as the minimum number has been reached, you will receive information by e-mail regarding this.